Learn the basics of balloon twisting

Want to learn how to make your own balloon animals? I can help you do that! I offer individual lessons and also group lessons. I’d teach you the basic balloon twists and also some figures to get you started with your own balloon twisting.

Like many people, I got my start twisting balloons with one of those books that you purchase from a book or party store. However, lots of times the balloons that come with the books are old and pop if you look at them funny. Plus the pumps are horrible and the instructions are vague. I’d provide high quality balloons, a pump for you to use and an option to buy supplies to use on your own.

Want me to teach your group how to twist balloons? I’d be happy to teach a class. I’d be happy to give you a quote for your group. I’d supply the pumps, markers, and balloons. I’d give an options for your participants to purchase the pumps and additional balloons after the class. Great for community groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and schools.

Contact me for details or to be added to a list for future public group classes.